The Glen Osmond Primary School Out of School Hours Care Service (“the OSHC Service ”) delivers a program that offers a range of experiences that support and enhance each child’s opportunity for growth and development in both small and large group settings. We believe that the OSHC Service is a valuable and integral part of the Glen Osmond Primary School and the local community.
We provide a safe and nurturing environment where children and families feel welcome and we support children’s right to have their voices heard.


To support our Philosophy we, the stakeholders of the OSHC Service, will ensure that the OSHC program and practice is underpinned by the National Quality Framework, My Time, Our Place and the Education and Care National Law.

Our OSHC is a service that is rich in cultural diversity and we believe in respect, democracy, honesty, integrity, justice, courage, inclusivity, social and cultural responsiveness and education. We celebrate diversity and cultural unity in our community. We respect each other’s differences, rights, and opinions


Programs delivered will encourage the physical wellbeing, curiosity, creativity and imagination of children and are formed through discussions with children, feedback from families and child observations.

We form trusting relationships with children and families through engaging with children in their play experiences are consistent and fair in our expectations of children’s behaviour and guide children in a positive way.

We support children’s social and emotional wellbeing through an array of environments that foster independence, confidence, and collaboration skills and opportunities that give children a sense of belonging.

A balance of free play and educator-initiated activities is offered as we believe in the importance of learning through play.

We encourage parent involvement within our OSHC community through daily conversations, the suggestion box, our Facebook page and the OSHC Advisory Committee.

We make ourselves available for informal chats with children and families and recognise the importance and value the prior knowledge and experiences that children bring from home to the OSHC environment.

This is achieved by developing an environment that is:

  • fun;
  • nurturing;
  • child-oriented;
  • collaborative; and
  • creates opportunities for play-based learning.

Educators will:

  • be positive role models;
  • provide an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly;
  • provide structured and unstructured learning opportunities;
  • provide an aesthetically pleasing and supportive physical environment;
  • encourage all stakeholders input in the decision making processes; and
  • build and maintain secure, respectful and confidential relationships with families and the local community.

This Philosophy Statement is endorsed by the Governing Council of Glen Osmond Primary School (the Approved Provider of the OSHC Service).

Organisational Values
  • Respect
  • Confidentiality
  • Collaboration and professionalism
  • Ongoing learning and reflective practices
  • Open Communication
  • Inclusive and reflective practice
Educators Will
  • Be positive role models
  • Provide an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly
  • Provide structured and unstructured learning
  • Provide an aesthetically pleasing and supportive physical environment
  • Encourage all stakeholders input in the decision making process
  • Build and maintain secure, respectful and confidential relationships with families and the local community

2024 OSHC Enrolment Forms

Adobe PDF – 599KB

Opening Hours

Before School: 7:00am – 8:30am
After School: 3:10pm – 6:00pm

Vacation Care

7:00am – 6:00m

Contact Details

Mob 0411 138 748
Ph 8338 4578

Fee Structure

$16.50 permanent
$20.00 casual

$25.00 permanent
$30.00 casual

A full week to cancel permanent.
A full 24 hours to cancel casual, excluding public holidays and weekends.



Incursions and excursion can be cancelled without charge up to the beginning of week 8 in terms 1-3 and the beginning of week 7 in term 4. After this the half fee cancellation notice will be applied. Home days can be cancelled without charge at any time with 48 hours’ notice excluding weekends and public holidays. 

OSHC Payment

OSHC invoices can be paid by Qkr! or Direct Debit
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