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school frontage: outside view of the front building

About us

Glen Osmond Primary School is a South Australian government school for students from 5 years of age at Reception level through to 13 years at Year 7 level, and is located just 5 kilometres from the heart of Adelaide. We aim for a school size of about 300 students, as this is a suitable enrolment level for our school facilities.

Our school community values the small size of the school and the warm community atmosphere that encourages all to feel welcome and to participate in the life of the school. This partnership between parents and the school enables our students to receive greater encouragement and access to learning opportunities.

Extra-curricular activities held at the school, and often managed by parents /coaches out of hours; provide additional learning in instrumental music, and a diverse range of sports.

The school has a history of students achieving at high levels in a range of performance indicators such as the Tournament of Minds, music performance, NAPLAN Tests and national competition. The challenge for teachers is therefore to ensure that all students are challenged and achieving their potential across all learning areas.

Ridge Park is located near the school and the school utilises this area in learning activities and contributes to the care of this environment.

Out of Hours School Care, managed by the school Governing Council is provided before and after school on a cost recovery basis for students, particularly to assist working families.